5 Free Apps You Need to Install when Selling on Facebook with Shopify

Here are 5 free Shopify apps that will help you achieve the result you want! Installing these apps is essential when selling on Facebook with Shopify!

When you are running your online store with Shopify, downloading and adding applications can be overpriced, however, there are some applications that you can install for free in your store. With these applications, you can quickly grow your store, regardless of your budget. We will review more in detail how to perform installations in your online store by clicking on the link below: https://www.shopify.com/facebook

1. Oberlo:

This is a drop shipping product importer. It allows store owners to import dropshipping items in just one click, allowing you to have items for your store the day you sign up. With Oberlo, there is no need for you to purchase bulk inventory and you won’t have to spend extra money designing your items. This app will help you start a low-risk business. It is perfect for those who are interested in working a 9 to 5 job. It helps to focus on promoting your store which allows you to grow and expand quickly.

2. Quick Facebook Chat:

We suppose you know this is a Facebook Messenger service. Using this application is proved to be useful for your Shopify store. Facebook Messenger ads are becoming more and more popular. But, in order for those ads to work and bring you the results you want, you need to communicate with the customers via Facebook messenger. The first thing you need to do is install the application and allow your customers to connect with you on Facebook messenger. The focus of the application is to offer a better customer service and to reach your customers anytime via a smartphone device.

3. Happy Email:

This is a gratitude email application. Most business owners spend so much time trying to get a potential buyer that when they conclude the purchase, they forget to continue promoting to them. This is a huge mistake, but don’t worry because there is the perfect solution. Happy email allows you to send an email to someone who has already placed an order on your store. This person has already purchased from you and they will be much more likely to open the email. You may introduce yourself as the CEO of the company and hopefully, build a personal connection with the customer.

4. Sales Countdown Timer:

Selling on Facebook with Shopify can bring you lots of new customers and more sales. With this application, you can optimize your online shop by creating a sense of importance or urgency. The countdown times help convince the customer that right now is the perfect time to purchase the item. The application works well with the impulse buy items to help you convert the buyer. You can select your start, as well as, end dates. With this timer, scarcity methods can also be used. For example, you can write something like – only a few items left at this price.

5. Product Reviews:

This app is excellent for store owners. With this application, you can allow your customers to review your items and help you build your social proof on your store. Product Reviews is an SEO-friendly application and allows you to add your product review scores directly in Google’s search. The low scores get flagged which means you can resolve problems with buyers easily. The high scores get quickly added to your online store. When customers search via Google, the products score from your Shopify store can help encourage click through to motivate customers to come and visit your store.

What do you think about these apps? Have you tried any of these Shopify apps?

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