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Why Facebook Marketing May Not be the Best Option for You

Although Facebook has managed to attract sales to various businesses through their pages, not everybody holds the same opinion. Believe it or not, some businesses have not invested in Facebook marketing but are still doing well. Remember that there are so many people in the world. As much as there are billions of people on Facebook, it does not mean that they only exist on the platform. Some of the main reason that might make you resolve to other methods of online marketing are’

  • Everyone is doing it

The fact that all your competitors are scrambling for their market online can make you need being unique. Facebook has neutralized competition by giving businesses the chance of being equal as far as their Facebook marketing activities are concerned. By deciding to use other methods of getting customers, you will be avoiding looking like any other typical player in your industry.

  • It can be expensive

Having a Facebook page is free, but when it gets to the part where you must boost your posts to beat the competition, you might find yourself spending some good amount of money. Depending on how many people your competitors can reach, you will always want to be on top of them, and they feel the same way. This means that you will always be injecting some cash to your Facebook marketing paying more than previously each time.

  • Your Facebook page can be blocked or suspended

Since you don’t have full ownership and control of your Facebook page, you never know when you will be caught on the wrong side. This is so far the fear of businesses depending on their Facebook pages to sell their products. Nevertheless, a competitor might decide to focus on shutting you down and hire people to report your page.

  • Facebook can be addictive

This is something you are most likely to experience especially when you are personally managing your page. The fact that there are always people posting on Facebook can easily make you lose focus of what you are supposed to be doing. To add on this, you can find yourself being online every time but not doing what you are supposed to. The outcome of this is reduced sales.


Facebook is the best platform to market your products but might not be the most suitable. However, reports show that a good Facebook strategy always wins.